How to have a winning morning in 15 minutes

Being able to win the first 15 minutes of your morning will have a tremendous impact on the rest of your day.  You can become more motivated, energised and productive, assisting you in completing all of your main activities. 

Have you ever had a really bad morning and then found yourself having an awful day. Or maybe you have had the opposite, had a fantastic morning then had an amazing and productive day. 

Winning the first 15 minutes, will allow you to have a positive and productive day.   Do you already have a morning routine?  …..  The answer to that is “Yes”, everyone has a morning routine, this is because over 80% of our actions are down to our sub conscious habits that we have no control over unless we become more aware of them .  So even if you don’t release you have a morning routine, you do!!!

So you have a morning routine.  But do you have a winning morning routine.  To be successful in life you need to continuously win your mornings.  Successful people are willing to change their habits to achieve their life goal and they all agree in starts with the morning routine.  The following explains how they achieve this.

    1. Goal Card

Become part of 4% of the population by setting yourself a goal, and have it in writing.  A goal card is just a small laminated piece of paper, with a written goal of your choice.

Spend the first 5 minutes of your morning, reading and then visualising the achievement of your goal. What will your life look like once this specific goal has been achieved?  How do you live? What do you do on a daily basis? Who is around you? 

The key here is to visualize your success and get emotional about it.  Really go in to depth and use your imagination to get a full and clear picture of what you future life will be.  The clearer picture your imaginations comes up with, the more effective this exercise is 🙂

    2. Journal – Gratitude

Did you know that gratitude is one of the key universal laws to success?  Spend the next 5 minutes of your morning using a journal and list down 10 things that you are grateful for.  This could be anything in your life.

Make sure you really understand, the depth and feeling of your gratitude with each item on your list.  Don’t get discouraged if you struggle to list 10.  Let your imagination be free.  Doing this will give you more positive emotions and will slowly start removing negativity and it will also help  Improve your self esteem.

    3. Power Life Script

How much do you know about reprograming your subconscious mind and changing your daily habits.  Do you have time and desire to learn?  This last part of my morning routine for me is by far the most important. 

This part of the morning allows me to reprogram my mind to achieve any goal I want.  Do you want a change financially, socially? This is the hidden secret that you have been missing.  The “power life script” is a short audio that you can create or get someone else to create that has huge effect on the achievement of your goals.   

If you are ready to change your life today and start winning every morning, then check out Peggy Mccoll (the creator of the power life script) to understand this step in more depth and detail.

Peggy Mccoll – Power Life Script – Click Here !!!!

Final Thoughts

Are you truly committed to a change?  If you are then I recommend that you start implementing all 3 of the above strategies to have the best results possible.  The quicker you start and if you stay persistence then I’m positive, beneficial results will start appearing in your life. 

If you found this information helpful then be sure to check out my other content!!!

Kieran Brunell – Entreprenuer

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