Affiliate Marketing Step By Step in 2020

Want to earn yourself a passive income? Becoming a part of 4% of the population.  Affiliate marketing is one of the best passive income ideas due to its diversity and availability to have multiple streams of income. 

It’s a fairly simple process, but most affiliates fail because they don’t understand how simple it actually is.

  1. Send Traffic To A Landing Page / Blog

Any traffic you get whether it’s free or paid you want to send to a place of value. (Building relationships with the prospect).  You don’t want to direct sale (Traffic to sales page), as this gives you a chance of around 0.1% conversion.  Meaning.  Pot luck if you succeed.  Send your traffic to a LP, that you can produce on click funnels, or build yourself a blog on word press.  Allowing you to give some value before your prospects reach the sales page. This blog will contain valuable information about the niche / product you are selling. 

On the end of your blog / LP you will want to include a link that will allow your prospects to sign up to your email list.  Building you a valuable asset.  You will also include a second link that takes them to step 2.

2. Link LP or Blog to second piece of value

Did you know, the more value you give to a prospect before they land on your products sales page, the higher chance you have of a conversion!!!!.  So that is why, here I include a second piece of value.  In the form of a video.

Creating a video explaining a specific feature about your product or niche. 

Before you panic, and click away from the page.  Making a video is easier than you think.  Remember success is made outside of the comfort zone.  You only need to create a short 2-5 minute video talking about your product and its benefits….

Step outside the comfort zone!!!

3. Building an email list

On either your blog or LP, you will need to include a link to your email autoresponder.  This is one of the most valuable assets an affiliate marketer can have. 

On your email list you will then have the ability to send automated emails to your prospects.  Containing as much value as you can possibly think of.  Remembering what I said earlier, the more value a prospect receives the higher the chance of a conversion.

You can build a specific sequence related to your product that you send to your prospects giving them loads of valuable information, in the form of Videos / link to a blog / website.  Anything that is going to benefit them. 

Final Thoughts

Want success? Then follow this strategy exactly as its laid out and it will increase your chances dramatically.  To follow this process you will require two tools – email autoresponder and Landing page creator. 

I hope you are ready to impact your life

Kieran Brunell

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