Affiliate Marketing Without an email List

Affiliate Marketing Without an email List

Looking to start an affiliate marketing business?  But you have none or limited money to invest?  So you ask is it possible to earn a passive income without investing any money?  The answer to that is YES.  However not to mislead you, investing your money in to this industry can increase your income but you can certainly start off.

You need to follow specific traffic and conversion strategies, making sure that your conversion rate is as high as it possibly can be. 

  1. First point of value

All of the traffic that you acquire should be first directed to a first point of value, in the form of a blog.  This blog will give the prospect information on the product you are trying to sell.  For example a weight lose product, you could write a blog on burning calories in the gym.  Write a blog that is around 500 – 750 words that contain value.  Doing this will build a relationship with your prospect that your compettitors don’t give.  Give as much factual value as you can, but keep it related to your specific topic. 

At the end of the blog you will need to include a link that will direct them to a second point of value.  Extending that relationship building and increasing your chance of a conversion.

  • Second Point of Value

This second piece of value will be in the form of a video.  Doing this will give your prospects a chance to see who you are.  They then get to see you, and understand that you’re a human being.  (An important part in Relationship building). 

Your prospect then gets to see two separate pieces of value, one of a blog and another of a video.  This will make you stand out in front of your compettitors in your prospects eyes. 

You can create your videos, by finding yourself a recording device, and then talk for 2 to 5 minutes about your specific niche.  Don’t worry if your videos aren’t at a great quality when you first getting started.  Over time, repetition will help you succeed and make your videos a lot better quality.  The quote, practice makes perfect, works great here. 

Final Thoughts

Prospects love getting information about a desired result. So the more information you give, the more you build a relationship with your prospect which will then increase your conversion rate. 

If you are looking to earn a passive income through the affiliate marketing industry.  Then my advice to you is to get started.  No matter what you can invest or what time you have spare.  Take the first step.  Follow this process

Kieran Brunell

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